Stop people dying on our streets

Government action can end rough sleeping. But right now people are dying on the streets, and our politicians are dragging their feet.

£1bn a year less is being spent on essential homelessness services than ten years ago. At the same time, rough sleeping has soared. This Government has provided some short-term funding, but it doesn't come close to replacing what's been lost.

At the last election the Conservative party committed to ending rough sleeping in its manifesto. Whoever becomes our new Prime Minister this year must honour that pledge and do what's necessary to end rough sleeping for good. That means funding the services that will help people live independently and leave rough sleeping behind.

Tell the next Prime Minister why you think they should act urgently to end rough sleeping. Be bold, but be polite. And include your photo to make it more personal. We'll deliver your message once they've taken office.

What we're calling for